More and more governments and enterprises evolve from paper vote to e-vote because of

  • High costs of paper votes, operationally heavy and complex to organize
  • Paper vote is not adequate to vote from a distance
  • Paper vote is easily disputable at every step of the election process

Elegio succeeded to solve e-voting’s first generations issues and paradoxes by

  • Strong voters authentication, selectable authentication strength, ultimately using electronic identity smartcards (patent pending)
  • All along guaranteeing the secret of the vote (anonymous votes)
  • Providing undisputable integrity of every ballot, election results and configuration data
  • Security and reliability. Elegio never gets the customer’s data, nor election’s secret keys.
  • Real time transparence and post-election verifiable system (recounting & audits)

AND operationally

  • Easy to use, nothing to install , more than >30% costs reduction*
    (* actual true measured costs reductions via our customers'comparisons with paper elections)