ElegioPad, an interactive participation tool for testing, opinion sharing
public voting and debating during your training, workshops, meetings and seminars

  • Your sessions become very interactive with real-time results on screen
  • Your learners retain better
  • Your employee satisfaction is driven by the opportunity to participate
  • Your team motivation is maximised by the openness you create
  • Your reporting allows easy follow up to lever business results

Hard to imagine what it looks like?


Here are some visuals to help you out

  1. Carry case : stanbdard case with Elegio PADs, high performance base station, charger and USB cable
  2. Carry case for transport of PADs volume (100 per case) 
  3. High capacity and performance receiving base station, used in very large rooms of a few thousands people
  4. USB receiver base station (PC is not provided) to cover meetings & events of up to a few hundreds of people