Phase 1: Election configuration and preparation

Preparation of the voters and candidates lists. Voters are first registered and each receive a specifically created unique electronic ID. The latter can be as basic as a login/paswword or as secured as a crypto smartcard. Multiple secret keys are generated by the customer; these are held by a number of parties, freely designated by the customer. This guarantees integrity, confidentiality, reliability and blocks fraud. 

Phase 2:  Election

Voters authentify on the voting application (online or local use). Elegio goes on with attributes verification and displays automatically the right vote bulletin(s) to the user. Each vote bulletin is processed through numerous cryptographic algorithms in order to guarantee anymous votes, integrity of votes and ballot boxes (including shuffling). Each voter receives his vote's confirmation; he has the possibility to verify his vote bulletin is registered in the ballot box.

Phase 3: Results counting & reports 

At the end of the elections phase, all ballot boxes are sealed. Elegio's sealing technology allows for a full transparency of ballot boxes and assurance of their integrity. It is so much so that ballot boxes content (before and after decryption, individual vote bulletins) may be audited, displayed and recounted !
The customer has to assemble a minimum subset of the intially generated keys to be able to launch the automated decryption and counting process. Various results tables and reports are produced.

On customer's request, we can take in charge supporting tasks required before or after these three Elegio standard phases : opportunity analysis to use e-vote in for your company; process and procedures setup; internal training; internal communication and support; PC hardware rental; on-site assistance during elections, etc...