Elegio URN is a dematerialized e-voting solution to hold elections, government level referendums or professional elections. URN allows local votes (e.g.: vote offices) or online votes (remote e-voting). This solution uses nothing else than pre-existing computers that are available in the administration or in the company, without needs to install specialized equipment. 
This solution is geared for elections, groups consultations or referendums that require serious guarantees of integrity, reliability, anonymous votes, transparency and undisputable results. 
This e-voting tool is available in two versions: a standard ready-to-use version, or a purposely customized version based on the customer's specific needs. 

  • Dematerialized e-voting solution
  • To hold elections, consultations, referendums with undisputable results and the highest level of integrity
  • Easy to use, no specialized equipment to deploy, maintenance free
  • Standard packs but also flexible to adapt the solution to customer's specific needs 

Wondering how Elegio URN looks like?

Illustration of an intermediate election step screen.