Elegio WEB is a dematerialized e-voting solution to hold elections, group consultations, large scale opinion surveys, referendums or any other context requiring not only local votes but also remote voting capability. This solution allows for example to vote via internet, via an intra- or extranet. Elegio WEB includes the same advanced and secured functionality as URN but uses web interfaces to do so.

WEB uses any web browser available on a PC, without a need for specific hardware or local software. 
This kind of e-voting solution enables you to hold and organize elections , opinion surveys, group consultations with a choice for anonimity or not. All along maintaining the same integrity, transparence and non-repudiation characteristics as Elegio URN.
Available in a standard ready-to-deploy version, Elegio WEB is also flexible for customer's specific needs customizations.

  • Dematerialized e-vote solution 
  • Elections, consultations, opinion surveys, ...
  • Easy to use, nothing to install nor deploy, maintenance free
  • Standard pack but also flexible to adapt to customer's specific needs

Wondering how Elegio URN looks like?

Illustration of a typical "barometer" election screen.